Consiglio Nazionale dell Ricerche

Istituto di scienze dell'atmosfera e del clima (ISAC)
Unità Organizzativa di Supporto (UOS) Roma
Via del fosso del cavaliere 100
00133, Roma, Italy


Rosalia Santoleri is a physical oceanographer. She has a long experience on marine circulation, satellite oceanography and air-sea interaction studies. She has worked on the combined use of in situ and satellite data to study the dynamics of Mediterranean Sea. She has been involved in researches on the variability of SST field over the Mediterranean basin, on the study of the circulation at large scale and mesoscale and of its interactions with biological processes, and on air-sea interaction phenomena, with special regards to the energy fluxes, to define their role in the climatic evolution of the Mediterranean area. All these studies were carried out by means of passive and active satellite measurements (SST, ocean colour, altimetry, passive microwave) and in situ data. Since 1999 she has been involved in operational oceanography programs, developing and providing Near Real Time SST and ocean colour products for forecasting of Mediterranean circulation and sea state.


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