SIOMED is part of the "Ambiente Mediterraneo" Project, a convention between the Ente Nazionale Energia e Ambiente (ENEA) research institution and the Italian Ministry for University and Scientific and Technological Research (MURST) initiated in 1996. Its main objective is to promote technological and scientific knowledge for the observation, monitoring and better unerstanding of the Mediterranean environment. This task is achieved by funding various reserach institutions participating in the effort, among which is CNR, and in particular the GOS group at ISAC-CNR Sezione di Roma.


GOS Tasks

GOS takes part in sub-project (Development of methods for data set assimilation in numerical models). GOS's activity is to develop time series of sea level and surface energy and water flux maps from satellite imagery, to be assimilated in Mediterranean circulation models. In particular GOS is taking are of the following.

1) Acquisition of SSM/I (Special Sensor Microwave Imager) data for retrieval of surface atmospheric parameters (humidity, wind, precipitation).

2) Acquisition of satellite altimetry data (ERS and TOPEX/POSEIDON) for the production of sea level anomaly maps.

3) Acquisition of visible and infrared satellite data (AVHRR) for the production of Sea Surface Temperature maps.

4) Oceanographic cruises for hydrographic and air-sea interaction quality data collection.

5) Definition of algorithms for the retrieval of the above surface parameters from satellite data.

6) Validation/correction of these algorithms via the collected in situ measurements.

7) Production of sea level anomaly, surface meteorological parameter and turbulent heat flux maps to be assimilated in Mediterranean circulation models.


Current results

Air-Sea turbulent fluxes from passive microwave (SSM/I) and thermal (AVHRR) satellite data