The RITMARE Remote Sensing Observing System of Systems

Nowadays remote sensing data are recognized as an essential component of marine observing system.

In the framework of the Italian RITMARE Flagship Project the various components of the Italian satellite observing system, will be developed and integrated into a single remote sensing system of systems. In this context, the RITMARE Remote Sensing Observing System strengthens and extends the capabilities of the national system of satellite observations of the Mediterranean to meet the new challenges in the field of physical, biogeochemical and biological marine science.

RITMARE Remote Sensing activities objectives are: to improve the Mediterranean satellite observation system for sea surface temperature and ocean colour data; to include in such a system wind scatterometers, and SAR products; to develop a non-space remote sensing, by including coastal radars, LIDAR systems, and optical systems for measuring the wave-motion from offshore platforms and/or research vessels; to integrate all remote sensing measurements into continuative calibration and validation procedures, by developing the necessary in situ measuring components, synergically with the others the RITMARE observation system components.

The final goal is to design, develop, and implement and integrated system to provide access to the remote sensing data and products.


Major components/activities

Subsystem development: SAT_LBR (SATellite Low bit Rate)

Input data: IR,VIS, microwave data from available satellites: SEVERI;AVHRR, MODIS, VIIRS, IASI,QuickScatt….

Output: SST, wind, bio-geo-chemical parameters


Subsystem development: SAT_HBR (SATellite High bit Rate):

Input data: SAR data from available satellites: ENVISAT, RadarSat2, COSMO/SkyMed,….

Output: wind, currents, coastline deformation



Subsystem development: Coastal Radar

integrate the italian coastal radar systems into an national integrated system




Subsystem development: New technologies

development of LIDAR system for bio-optical measurements

development optical systems for measuring the wave-motion



CAL/VAL activity

  • development of data quality control methods
  • continuative calibration and validation systems
  • satellite validation cruises


Data Access: Develop a portal to access to the NRT RS data

The RITMARE Remote Sensing portal provides access to the present NRT/REP RS datasets presently developed in the framework of RITMARE

It allows downloading, subsetting and viewing services and it includes:

  • SST, OC, wind data produced by CNR- ISAC.
  • HF radar data produced by CNR -ISMAR and University of Phartenope

Click HERE to access the catalog web service

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