EU-MAST Project - MA53-CT98-0171



MFSPP is an international project that lasted from 1999 to 2001.

The major goals of the project were to develop a forecasting system for the prediction of marine ecosystem variability in the coastal areas and to show that Near Real Time (NRT) forecasts of the large scale basin currents are feasible.
Mediterranean forecasting system consisted of two parts: an observing system, and a numerical modelling/data assimilation component.

In the framework of MFSPP workpackage 3 (coordinated by CLS), GOS, in collaboration with CMS (Centre de Meteorologie Spatiale) and ENEA , contributed to:

develop a Near Real time (NRT) SST Product (TASK 3200)
provide SST weekly maps of the Med in delayed mode for period October 1998- August 1999 at the model resolution (subtask 3320)
produce SST maps at model resolution in NRT from September 1999 (subtask 3320)

Even if MFSPP was mainly an operational project, a scientific analysis of the data collected during the project was performed.


MFSPP Scientific results