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Basic viewing system:
The entire collection of OC and SST static images collection is accessible from here. The menu on the top allows users to filter images based on basin, sensor and parameters
Quality Indexes:
Quality Index Interpretative text
Daily 1 km resolution Quality Index is calculated on a pixel-by-pixel basis over valid observations as: QI = ( CurrentDataPixel - ClimatologyDataPixel ) / STDDataPixel with ClimatologyDataPixel and STDDataPixel being the daily average and standard deviation climatology, respectively. The daily reference climatology maps have been created using independent SeaWiFS data falling into a moving temporal window of +/- 5 days.
Time series plot show the number (%) of valid pixels falling into each STD interval (from -5 to 5, bin=1STD) and provide a means for detecting any sensor calibration issue that might affect data quality over long temporal scales.
For the current day data pixel to be considered good, QI is expected to be within 2 STDs.
Google Earth viewing system:

(to properly view the map in 3D download and install the necessary plugins from here)

Selection of chlorophyll-a interpolated images of the Mediterranean Sea (4km resolution)
Selection of chlorophyll-a interpolated images of the Black Sea (4km resolution)