GOS is one of the research groups of ISAC. GOS has a long-term experience in the study of marine circulation, satellite oceanography and air-sea interaction of the Mediterranean Sea. GOS conducts scientific research on the variability of the SST field of the Mediterranean basin, the large scale and mesoscale marine circulation and its interaction with biological processes, the air-sea interaction phenomena, and the energy flux between atmosphere and ocean to gain insight into the climatic evolution of the Mediterranean Sea area.

GOS has a recognized experience in operational oceanography and is coordinating the Ocean Colour Thematic Assembly Centre (OCTAC) which is one of the main Production Centres of Copernicus/GMES Marine Service (MyOcean). GOS has developed the Mediterranean Satellite Observing System that is part of the Mediterranean Operational Network for the Global Ocean Observing System (MONGOOS). GOS satellite observational system collects satellite data of several sensors and provides value-added operational advanced ocean color and sea surface temperature products of the Mediterranean and Black Seas. These data are used for monitoring and forecasting the marine circulation and the environmental status in the framework of MyOcean.

In the framework of the Italian Space Agency’s effort on risk management GOS was the scientific coordinator of the development of a national oil-spill monitoring and forecasting system and coastal risk management system.

GOS carries out yearly oceanographic campaigns onboard the R/V Urania of the CNR to acquire meteorological, hydrographic, and biological data, as well as in-water and above-water optical measurements for the validation of ocean color satellite data.